How to monitor depth of block easy and precisely

Senzime TetraGraph

Unrecognized post-operative residual neuromuscular block remains a frequent occurrence in todays’ recovery rooms. Evidence indicates that current practice continues to perpetuate the status quo, in which 10-40% of patients experience postoperative residual weakness.

The use of muscle relaxants calls for quantitative objective monitoring
There is a strong consensus that quantitative objective monitoring of neuromuscular function should be used when non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBA) are administered (Naguib et al., 2017).

Senzime TetraGraph

The TetraGraph system

The TetraGraph system is a unique, EMG-based patient monitor that is simple to use, compact and portable, battery operated, and can aid the clinician in making decisions regarding the adequacy of neuromuscular function in real-time.

The next generation TOF-monitor
► The arm can be tucked under surgical drape, no thumb access required
► Less than 30 seconds start-up, no calibration needed
► Ease of use with single-use electro-sensors and no cross-contamination
► Precise & reliable information based on EMG technique


The technology records electrical activity, not muscle movement. Stimulation is delivered to a nerve and the TetraGraph records, measures, analyzes and reports muscle electrical activity (compound muscle action potentials, cMAPs) to determine muscle  function. The TetraGraph System is connected to the patient by single-use skin electrodes, minimizing cross-contamination between patients (vertical bacterial transmission) and enhancing ease-of-use.


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