A new slim-type enteroscope with a distal end diameter of 7.5 mm - 1 mm smaller than the previous model, and an instrument channel diameter of 2.2 mm, equivalent to the previous type. 

The new High Resolution Super CCD ensures vivid and high quality images, and the new optical lens enables the observation range of 2 - 100 mm and a wide-angle 140° field of view. To be used in combination with the new silicone rubber over-tube and balloon.

Field of view 140°
Observation range 2–100 mm
Bending capability Up 180° / Down 180°
Right 160° / Left 160°
Distal end diameter ø 7.5 mm
Flexible portion diameter ø 7.7 mm
Working channel diameter ø 2.2 mm
Working length 2,000 mm
Total length 2,300 mm