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DINAMAP VC150 GE Healthcare

Vital Signs Monitoring

Vital signs monitoring helps improve patient comfort while maintaining high clinical accuracy.

We have a wide range of vital signs monitoring, more specifically SpO2, CO2 and NIBP (EWS).




We offer a large selection of anesthetic accessories such as masks, breathing circuits and balloons for use in the Operating Room and on Intensive Care, Recovery, Urgency, ...


Airway Management

We offer a wide selection of products for airway management such as filters & HMEF, Swivels and ET-tubes.



Acertys offers a large number of products to preserve the patient's Normothermia, using a patient and/or fluid heater.

A simple Hyper / Hypothermia system is also part of our range. Therapeutic hypothermia elevates temperature management to a higher level by providing precise temperatures to manage metabolic functions of the body. The 'Blanketrol' device understands the importance of fast and precise cooling


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