Vyntus PNEUMO Spirometer

A high-end spirometer: highly precise, focused on best quality, easy-to-use and expandable

The modular JAEGER™ Vyntus™ PNEUMO belongs to the Vyntus Family and is combinable with Vyntus APS for bronchial challenge testing and/or Vyntus IOS Impulse Oscillometry for measuring central and peripheral airway resistance.

Optionally, Vyntus PNEUMO allows expanding your diagnostic possibilities with measurements like Rocc, P0.1 and Pmax. Vyntus PNEUMO is featured by the workflow and quality driven SentrySuite™ Software.

A product by Vyaire
The heart of the system, the JAEGER flow and volume transducer

The reliable, proven, accurate, heated JAEGER pneumotach has been selected as the measurement device of choice in hundreds of publications. Its excellent dynamic range allows for testing a broad population, from small children to athletes. Thousands of PFT labs profit daily from its high performance.

The pneumotach, which is easy to disassemble for cleaning, complements the validated MicroGard™ II bacterial / viral filter for a comprehensive hygiene concept.

Use your Vyntus PNEUMO for all of the essential spirometry testing:

  • Flow/Volume-loop (FVC)
  • Slow Vital Capacity (SVC)
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  • Pre and Post medication testing or therapy control
  • Rocc (option)
  • IOS (option)
  • APS Automatic Provocation System (option)