Vyntus CPX

The JAEGER Vyntus CPX represents the new generation of Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing and combines high measurement quality with ease-of-use and a workflow driven CPET evaluation.

The Vyntus CPX is the result of over 50 years of experience in the development of CPET devices.

A product by Vyaire

Vyntus CPX measurement - all under control

With Vyntus CPX powered by SentrySuite® software, using smart tools to automate pretest and in-test technical functions allows more focus to be placed on the patient and not on using the product. SentrySuite software shows the most important CPET curves and parameters with their reference values all on one screen.

Vyntus CPX - All-in-one - Result and evaluation

The CPET result and evaluation screen is designed where the data and evaluation tools are laid out one viewing screen, allowing you to perform faster, better interpretations.

Vyntus CPX evaluation workflow - easy to use from beginners to experts

After the measurement, the evaluation workflow will automatically guide you through the step-by-step post test evaluation. Just click “Next”. This helps to standardize evaluation/interpretation and reduce time-to-result. Workflows can be configured for individual users in relation to the tasks and the sequence.

Built on trusted high-end sensor technology

Suitable for a wide range of subjects - from sick patients to high-performance athletes

Tools to assist your interpretation

12-Lead-Bluetooth® ECG fully integrated into the CPET software