Vyntus BODY

The new Vyntus BODY stands for high value and outstanding quality down to the smallest details. The innovative body plethysmograph is designed for technicians who want to save time with their measurements, while generating fast, reliable and accurate results with an outstanding ultrasound technology.

The clean design of the Vyntus BODY is not only an elegant eyecatcher in your lab, but also helps healthcare professionals to make hygiene routines fast and easy.

A product by Vyaire
Features and benefits
  • The calibration-free ultrasonic sensor breaks new grounds in measurement technology. The heart of the system is a high speed transducer, engineered for accurate and reliable clinical results. 
  • Flexible 3D-Arm:  the Vyntus BODY offers a flexible 3D arm that can be extended outside of the cabin up to an impressive reach of 63 cm. It is adjustable in height and position and perfectly adapts to your patients needs. Patients in a wheelchair can be measured easily and comfortably outside the cabin.
  • The Vyntus BODY is barrier free and improves patient comfort and safety with a low entry step of only 7 cm and a stable hand grip for easy entry and exit.
  • The whole system of the Vyntus BODY makes hygiene routines fast and easy while complying with highest hygiene standards. The ultrasonic flow sensor is waterproof and can easily be disinfected.
  • Equally spread magnets for a tight closure of the door, making exact measurement results possible.

Performance - The Vyntus BODY is designed for fast, reliable and accurate test results.

Design - The Vyntus BODY is designed to be different: spacious cabin, safe & easy entry, fast & intuitive operation.

Hygiene - The Vyntus BODY makes hygiene routines fast and easy.


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