This treadmill expands the reach of the T2100 treadmill series allowing installation at sites where 220V power is not available, without compromising performance. It features an extra-long, (160cm), and extra-wide (56 cm) walking surface, as well as a zero-start feature that gradually increases speed for patient comfort and smooth operation.

The T2100-ST1 can be stopped using several different methods to achieve the desired result. Decelerate slowly to a gradual stop using the emergency stop button or stop quickly using the device keypad or the tether worn on the patient’s wrist. All stop modes are available at all times giving the technician more control.


A product by GE Healthcare

The optional adjustable height front handrail provides easy access to various size patients as needed. With fewer moving parts than other treadmills, the T2100-ST1 treadmill delivers smooth, quiet operation that facilitates accurate stress testing acquisition—even at high workloads.  The speed range of 0.1 to 15.0 mph, 0.2 to 24.0 km/h, self-calibrating and adjustable in 0.1 mph 0.1 km/h  increments helps to maintain protocol accuracy and repeatability even when testing heavy patients.

Because it is part of the T2100 series, the T2100 ST-1 was designed as part of the GE Healthcare stress exercise solution, it communicates bi-directionally with GE Healthcare Stress ECG systems. This communication means both devices are constantly exchanging operating commands and data. This design helps to ensure device and procedural accuracy— and clinical confidence.