MAC VU360 ECG Workstation

The MAC VU360, our fastest, highest-quality ECG ever thanks to Smart Acquisition. One workstation in which our ECG data management system and your EPD are seamlessly integrated. The data of your patients is protected thanks to the inherent ECG system protection.

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A product by GE Healthcare
Smart. Integrated. Secure.

Fast high quality ECG’s with fewer repeats

  • New Smart Lead technology automatically detects when a new patient is connected to help minimize patient data mix-ups.
  • Enhanced hook-up advisor on both the cardiac acquisition module and workstation guide even the newest users to a clean, high-quality waveform.
  • New Smart Auto-ECG immediately captures and displays the first clean, high quality waveform reducing repeats.

Maintaining patient data security

Protecting your system against malware and other attacks is one part of system security, but is also critical to protect the patient information stored in that system.

    Make faster, more informed cardiac care decisions

    • Create an ECG order at the time of the ECG, document critical test results, or close the ECG workflow for billing.
    • Easily compare current and previous ECG’s right at the patient bedside, and immediately route ECG’s for overreads or consultation.
    • Access and review all patient clinical test results (i.e. stress and holter)