IOS Impulse Oscillometry

Vyntus IOS – Impulse Oscillometry System – Combines spirometry and respiratory resistance diagnostics in one compact device:

  • Forced Spirometry – Flow/Volume (FVC)
  • Slow Spirometry – Slow Vital Capacity (SVC)
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  • Respiratory Resistance analysis (Rrs and Xrs)
A product by Vyaire

Vyntus IOS can test a larger patient range than spirometry alone; from elderly down to young children, from athletes to severely ill, and neuromuscular disease patients, making IOS useful in a broad clinical range.

Powerful features are:

  • Single key stroke and 20 seconds of quiet breathing to complete the test procedure
  • Lung model interpretation chart that visualizes the degree of central and peripheral obstruction