GE OEC One is designed to enable an optimal surgical imaging experience and OR team efficiency for a variety of procedures. All-In-one system design, connected touchscreen image display monitor and TechView tablet, optimized image processing and dose management software all provide a superb image quality experience.

A product by GE Healthcare

A Clear View WHEN you need it

  • Synchronized image viewing - Surgeon and rad tech can simultaneously view mirrored live images on both the primary display and TechView tablet right at the system
  • Fast access - Obtain needed shot with speed and precision
  • Control at TechView - Quickly make adjustments to image using tablet's intuitive touchscreen OEC interface
  • Seamless setup – Transport on standby – without connection to power – for up to five minutes

A Clear View WHERE you need it

  • Close - Bring images closer to the surgical field thanks to OEC One's articulating display arm with five ranges of motion
  • Clear - View crisp, clear 11.8" live and reference images on 27" high resolution display
  • Accessible - View images from a variety of places

A Clear View HOW you need it

  • Point-and-Shoot for sharp IQ- From first shot to last, utilize trusted OEC software to get you the image you need without adjusting systems settings in a variety of procedures, including vascular
  • Clinical preference - Obtain clinical images according to your preference by swapping from auto settings to TechView tablet commands


The OEC One all-in-one mobile C-arm

Brings you a Clear View of the images you demand: where, when and how you need them.