GE OEC Elite MiniView

The GE OEC Elite MiniView is a mobile mini C-arm for use in extremity surgical procedures. The MiniView was designed to improve clinical usability and maneuverability through unique features.

A product by GE Healthcare
  • Dual 19" medical grade monochrome monitors with anti-glare panels
  • Carbon fiber C for strength and lightweight
  • CMOS flat panel technology
  • Full size (11.4" / 29 cm) primary and reference images
  • Single button SmartLock system simultaneously locks 4 key joints (orbital, upper & lower horizontal and vertical slider)
  • Balanced pivot C with orbital rotation on a frictionless sleeve and a counterbalanced vertical slider
GE OEC Elite MiniView

The physical dimensions and the lightweight design of the C-arm allow the system to be both protected and easily transported throughout the healthcare facility or office.