CardioSoft V7

The CardioSoftTM cardiac assessment system for exercise testing supports detection and effective management of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The more testing devices and modalities you can integrate with your cardiac assessment system, the more flexibility you have in choosing the right combination for each patient.

A product by GE Healthcare
Broader testing flexibility 
  • Blood Pressure: Accurate, hands-free monitoring
    With the SunTech® Tango® M2 automated blood pressure monitor, you can focus on your patient during stress testing rather than spending time taking manual measurements.
  • Ergometry: Have it your way
    The CardioSoft system integrates with both upright and supine eBike ergometers, as well as T2100 series treadmills to measure heart rate during exercise. GE Healthcare ergometry devices are known for reliability, robust engineering, and easy access for all body types.
  • Comfortable and scalable
    Wireless acquisition (with optional GEH-ECG-1200) eliminates the need for cumbersome wires so patients can enjoy untethered movement during testing. CardioSoft Client added to a network PC creates a Multi-modality cardiac review workstation.
    Your CardioSoft software can be expanded to perform ambulatory blood pressure analysis from TONOPORT* Ambulatory Blood Pressure device.
    *compatible with TONOPORT V & TONOPORT VI
  • Spiro-SP TrueFlowTM
    Spirometry analysis can be added to CardioSoft with the addition of Spiro-SP TrueFlow. This sensor meets the key requirements for successful Spirometry testing: accuracy, ease, and comfort.
  • Imaging Studies
    DICOM Modality worklist supports stress testing with Nuclear Imaging or Stress Echo.
A broader perspective on cardiac patient testing and management

CardioSoft provides clinicians with a suite of comprehensive diagnostic measurements, offering deeper insights and broader perspective on cardiac patient management.


Broader measurements

CardioSoft provides clinicians with a suite of comprehensive diagnostic measurements, offering deeper insights and broader perspective on cardiac patient management. CardioSoft enables a fast, confident assessment. The results are displayed in a quick and easy to read format offering you a broad insight into your patients’ response to exercise testing.

  • In-test access to results – Access to in-test full disclosure means you can deep dive into any element of the ECG at any time during the test.
  • XTI algorithm – Highlights measurement deviations, providing an advanced analysis of patients’ functional response, cardiac risk profile and coronary artery disease risk.

Broader interoperability - better workflow

Cardiac testing is increasingly complex and interoperability with your enterprise systems is critical. The ability to connect CardioSoft to your network gives you more workflow options.

  • Maintaining patient data security
    Protecting your system against malware and other attacks is one part of system security, but is also critical to protect the patient information stored in that system.

Scalable and flexible

Whatever the size of your facility, your stress solution can be configured to maximize productivity and simplify workflow based on your IT and clinical needs. CardioSoft can seamlessly integrate to MUSETM, and PACS systems so results are available virtually anywhere, anytime. Clinical analysis data, report results, manual interpretations and confirmations are included, providing a comprehensive view of the patient’s diagnosis.

  • Advanced security and compliance
    The CardioSoft system protects your data and system with multi-level password login configurations.
  • Open system architecture
    GE Healthcare uses industry standard communication protocols, including DICOM and XML.
  • Support services
    Count on GE Healthcare technical support experts to provide installation, system configuration, upgrade services and remote support.