Aixplorer MACH 30

Powered by the next generation of UltraFast imaging combined with the intuitive SonicPad for a unique clinical and user experience.

A product by SuperSonic
Designed to be the new standard


Revolutionizing conventional ultrasound imaging by embedding SonicPad into a brand new user interface.

  • Intuitiveness: Natural gesture-based user interactions make the new simplified control panel easy to use.
  • User comfort: Up to 70% user movement reduction leads to less muscle fatigue after a long day of exams.
  • Exam efficiency: Up to 20% exam time reduction thanks to optimized presets and application specific user interactions.
  • Patient focus: Clinical information displayed on the screen becomes the centre of attention, not the controls used to acquire an image.


Leveraging proprietary UltraFast technologies — like signal retrieval at its origin, advanced beam forming software algorithms, increased signal transmission frequency, enhanced line sequencing precision and new band pass filtering — results in genuine diagnostic B-mode information.


Leveraging the unique capabilities of SuperSonic Imagine proprietary software architecture, Aixplorer MACH 30 enables all innovative imaging modes.


Our proprietary shear wave elastography, ShearWave PLUS, is setting new standards in ultrasound imaging. SWE PLUS can measure and map tissue stiffness in real-time and has proven to be a valuable adjunct to conventional ultrasound imaging.

Your ultrasound experience connected

With Aixplorer MACH 30, we offer you the best of today’s innovations and the platform for future artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.