Optimize the testing capacity of PFT’s by automating lung function reports


Acertys and ArtiQ are temporarily making their software for automatic lung function interpretation available free of charge to support pulmonologists.

The COVID-19 crisis has been especially demanding for frontline healthcare professionals like pulmonologists. We are entering a phase now where hospitals start up more of their activities and more patients are again being tested in the lung function departments. Not only will the labs progressively start ramping up the traditional patients, but also the COVID-19 survivors require follow-up that includes regular lung function testing.

The coming months will remain challenging with extra hygienic measures, careful patient selection and support on the COVID departments.

At Acertys and ArtiQ we want to contribute where we can. Our ArtiQ.PFT software supports pulmonologists by automating reporting of pulmonary function tests. It automates protocoling and uses AI to help detect lung diseases, which could help to come to a final diagnosis with fewer tests. In this way, we could support the optimal use of the available testing capacity and help pulmonologists spend their time more with patients, less with administrative work.

More info about a ArtiQ.PFT study published in the ERJ


To ensure hospitals can benefit to the fullest we make ArtiQ.PFT, including installation, available free of charge until 1 September 2020*. Current customers will have their license period extended.

*Requirements: Lab with SentrySuite lung function software with minimum version SeS 2.19 and a link to the medical file.

Are you interested in using this software free of charge in the coming period?
Please contact us via the button below. We’re more than happy to discuss how we can support your hospital.