Carestation 600 series

Carestation 600 Series, with CS650, CS650c and CS620 models, is a reliable and agile anaesthesia platform with smart tools to help simplify your daily work and manage non-ordinary events.

A product by GE Healthcare
Carestation 600 Series…it's all within reach

The Carestation 600 series is a compact, versatile, affordable and easy to use anesthesia platform that features:

  • A user interface that is easy to learn and easy to use
  • Intelligent tools to give you more confidence in your daily work
  • A head-turning design that allows you to optimize your workspace

GE Healthcare is a leader in designing Carestations specifically suited to the practice of low-flow anesthesia delivery. Fast wash-in/wash-out features ensure quick patient response to changes in fresh gas and anesthetic agent settings and may positively impact anesthetic costs and improve induction and emergence - optimizing time in the OR.

Elegantly engineered and appointed with ergonomic touches and software driven time-savers, the Carestation 600 series can help enhance workflows, optimize precious OR time and help hospitals bend the cost curve.

  • Small footprint: mobility & rugged durability
  • Simple and fast guided daily checkout process -as fast as three minutes
  • Intuitive flat menu user interface & ergonomic touch screen
  • Advanced ventilation capabilities & automated procedures
  • ecoFLOW low flow tool & Pause mode
  • Easy disassembly & cleaning

Simple, Smart, Scalable