Aisys CS²

Our most advanced anesthesia Carestation, the Aisys CS² helps you focus on the patient, use time more efficiently and improve your workflow. Precision and simplicity are integrated into the Aisys CS2 Carestation.

Aisys CS2 Carestation offers unified anaesthesia experience by integrating patient monitoring solutions, advanced anesthesia delivery, featuring End tidal Control (EtC) and unique patient ventilation capabilities. Ventilation, vaporization, and gas delivery are all digitally controlled, measured and displayed on a sleek and intuitive interface. Sophisticated communication protocols enable digital communication of comprehensive patient and system data.

A product by GE Healthcare
Precision and simplicity integrated into the Aisys CS2 Carestation

Low flow. High impact
Aisys CS2 incorporates innovative features, such as End tidal Control (EtC), to help you confidently and comfortably perform protective low-flow anesthesia, decrease operative costs, and reduce anesthetic waste.

End Tidal Control helps maintain patient’s end-tidal anesthetic agent and oxygen settings. Regardless of changes in patient’s hemodynamic and metabolic status, agent and oxygen levels are automatically adjusted to targeted end-tidal levels.

Intuitive user interface
The Aisys CS2 user interface was designed with intelligent menus that may help reduce set-up time and help minimize training needs. With quick picks, flatter menus and tunneling alarms, Aisys CS2 can help you to directly adjust oxygen and flow settings with one touch.


Tailored solution for a range of patients
Aisys CS
2 ‘s ICU-level ventilator can quickly achieve and maintain set pressures and volumes to maximize the time available for gas exchange. This helps you ventilate the most difficult patients, from neonates to  lung compromised and the morbidly obese patients.

Aisys CS2 also arms you with lung protection features like configured automated lung recruitment maneuvers, such as the Vital Capacity and Cycling procedures and Compliance trending.

Advanced and sustainable
Because of its modular and upgradeable design, Aisys CS
2 is always ready to incorporate the latest technological advances, so you can be confident in delivering up to date care, while protecting your investment.

The most complete digital anesthesia solution