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eSeminar: Best Practices for Olympic Brainz Monitor

Correct preparation and application of electrodes is the key to gaining a successful aEEG recording in the NICU. Electrodes can be applied by any bedside caregiver trained in this technique, and this eSeminar will explore the best practice in applying and managing aEEG electrodes.

Acertys enters the world of Artificial Intelligence

ArtiQ, an innovative company developing artificial intelligence (AI) software for the respiratory field, and Acertys, the leading partner for medical technologies for diagnostic care solutions in the Benelux, announce a partnership agreement to bring the ArtiQ.PFT software to hospitals in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Stay in tune with your allergic asthma patients

When used in concert with standard asthma evaluation, Fenom Pro™ Asthma Monitor predicts treatment response, reduces asthma symptoms, and improves patient adherence.